PPFSSF CEO meeting Auckland 2017

In conjunction with the i3 Portfolio Masterclass, the PPFSSF Chairman, Secretariat, and CEOs met with the Trust and Sovereign Wealth Funds from the Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, and observers from the World Bank.

The meeting worked through the objectives of the PPFSSF and the alignments with those of the Trust and Sovereign Wealth Funds. PPFSSF Secretariat and CEO of the Cook Islands National Superannuation Fund Damien Beddoes explained “In order for the PPFSSF to consider changes to the organisation, we first had to ensure that there was alignment across the different Funds on key objectives around Collaboration, Training & Education, and the CEO Forum”. The benefits of a single Pacific Forum were also discussed particularly the opportunity for supporting international agencies and organisations to be able to engage with all of the Pacific Funds at a single event.


The meeting concluded with a resolve to expand the PPFSSF, prepare amendments to the PPFSSF Constitution, and table the changes at the CEO Forum in Tuvalu in October 2017. Beddoes continued “The meeting today was very successful, there is a strong desire for us all to work together and benefit from a single Forum. With the support of the Australian Future Fund and the New Zealand Super Fund, members will have even more opportunities to build capacity in their organisations through secondments with these very large Funds. The Pacific faces challenges around isolation and costs of travel and with future annual Forum meetings, observers will also benefit through the ability to engage with all the members, in one location, at least once a year.”

The PPFSSF 2017 CEO Forum will be hosted by the Tuvalu National Provident Fund in Tuvalu from 25 – 27 October 2017.