CEO Forum Tuvalu 2017

The PPFSSF CEO Forum is just around the corner, and this years Forum will challenge members to expand the Forum, to set new directions, look at the impact our investments have made not only for our members abut our environment, and to consider new opportunities to work together to achieve similar objectives.


Tuesday 24 October 2017

Arrival into Fonafuti, Tuvalu

5:30pm          Registration opens for Participants

6:30pm          Traditional Welcome Ceremony

Wednesday 25 October 2017

9:00am          Official Opening

9:30am          Special Guest Speaker – CEO New Zealand SuperFund Mr. Adrian Orr will lead off with a challenge to the PPFSSF and how the organisation can grow into a dominant investment force in the region.

10:15am        MORNING TEA and Group Photo

10:45am        Special Guest Speaker – Head of Finance The World Bank Treasury Mrs. Ekaterina Gratcheva will talk about the need for the PPFSSF and its expansion, and how the work the World Bank is planning to engage with the PPFSSF and its members going forward.

11:30am         Interactive Session – A panel of Guest Speakers will discuss different educational options for the PPFSSF to consider in the planning of the Forums Education Programs for the next 2 years.

12:30pm        LUNCH

1:30pm          Interactive Session – A panel of Guest speakers will discuss Co-Investment models across the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia.

3:00pm          AFTERNOON TEA

3:20pm          PPFSSF AGM (closed session for Forum Board Members)

4:30pm          Close day 1

6:30pm          Forum Dinner

Thursday 26 October 2017

9:00am          PPFSSF Chairman Peni Teo to announce summary of the Forums decisions and its objectives for the next 2 years.

9:30am          Special Guest Speaker – Pacific Economist to provide views on the future for the region

10:15am         MORNING TEA

10:45am         Special Guest Speaker – New Zealand SuperFund Direct Investments Mr. Tama Potaka will present on research the NZ SuperFund are doing with co-investment partners.

11:30am         Special Guest Speaker – CEO Eriksen & Associates Mr. Jonathan Eriksen will talk about currency risk and hedging options for Pacific Funds when investing offshore.

12:15pm        LUNCH

1:15pm          Interactive session – a panel of Guest Speakers will discuss the issues relating to ESG investing in the Pacific countries.

2:00pm         Special Guest Speaker – CEO New Zealand SuperFund Mr. Arian Orr will speak about the new environmental sustainable investment program NZ SuperFund is implementing.

2:45pm         Closing address by the PPFSSF Chairman

3:30pm         Close

6:30pm         Forum Dinner

Friday 27 October 2017

9:00am          Global Warming and Responsible Investment – Excursion to Funafala Islet

6:30pm          Closing Dinner

Saturday 28 October 2017

TBC                Flight departs Funafuti