Membership provides for a number of opportunities to network amongst peer Funds and discuss a range of issues and opportunities.

The PPFSSF members are currently collaborating on the following topics:


Across the Pacific there are a range of opportunities for direct or alternative investments from private industry to public infrastructure. These opportunities are in many cases available only through invitation and member Funds are often uniquely positioned in their country to invest in them.

The challenge for these Funds is one of liquidity, as the Fund is usually the only player in the market with the ability to invest, and therefore exiting these investments is challenging.

The PPFSSF is working together on Co-Investment opportunities, and a number of examples are now in place, such as private sector Hotel Developments and public sector infrastructure such as undersea fibre-optic cables.

Further discussions are now underway on developing a portfolio of investments that will enable members funds to buy into a cross section of these investments, provide diversity, and reduce liquidity risk.


With increased trade, travel, and communications in the Pacific, there is now increasing movement of workers between countries. Workers that hold a retirement savings account in one country need to be able to transfer those funds to a retirement savings account in the country they are moving to.

Initial discussions are looking at the possibility of a regional portability agreement to provide for the movement of retirement monies across jurisdictions.

This has also been put forward to regional stakeholders to seek technical assistance in the development of this initiative.

Information Technology

The PPFSSF members operate a wide range of software systems to cater for the various products and services each offers within their respective countries.

The size of most operations often translates to a disproportionate investment in IT to provide services to members, and due to this some members have elected to outsource much of their administration to specialist companies.

Discussions are continuing on providing an IT solution to those members that continue to provide in house administration and options for a collective agreement for those outsourcing their administration. Both options aim to provide improved services, increased resilience, and reduced costs for members.

PPFSSF Forum Secretariat

The CEO of the CINSF is currently providing the initial secretariat role for the Forum.

The long term position of the PPFSSF is to develop a full time secretariat to deliver on the objectives of the Board and coordinate the Forums activites.