The PIIF through its collaboration, and training and education program, provides an opportunity for its members to come together to network amongst peer Funds and discuss a range of issues and opportunities. The PIIF members are currently collaborating on the following topic:

Co-Investment Platform

Across the Pacific there are a range of opportunities for direct or alternative investments from private industry to public infrastructure. These opportunities are in many cases available only through invitation and member Funds are often uniquely positioned in their country to invest in them.

The challenge for these Funds is one of liquidity, as the Fund is usually the only player in the market with the ability to invest, and therefore exiting these investments is challenging.

The PIIF is working together on Co-Investment opportunities, and a number of examples are now in place, from private sector Hotel Developments to public sector infrastructure such as undersea fibre-optic cables. As a broad initiative the PIIF members are focusing on Pacific Infrastructure that are commercially viable.

Further discussions are now underway on developing a platform that will enable members funds to buy into a cross section of these investments, provide diversity, and reduce liquidity risk.

The PIIF has recently signed agreements with the IFC to research the options and support the development of the co-investment platform.