Our Board

The PIIF Board has up to 7 CEOs appointed from member funds, nominated at the PIIF Annual General Meeting, and the Chairperson is elected from amongst the members typically for a period of 1-2 years up to the time of the next CEO Forum.

One of the main responsibilities of the Board is to develop and implement the projects that support the Forums objectives and issues. The Board also develops the work plan for the PIIF Secretariat. organise and provide host to the CEO Forum in their country. The CEO Forum generally involves up to 3 days of meetings reviewing progress on the Forums current objectives and discussing relevant issues that may form new objectives.

The current Chairperson of the Board is Mr. Pauli Prince Suhren CEO of the Samoa National Provident Fund.

The Secretariat

PIIF Secretariat Mr. Damien Beddoes

In 2015 the Board resolved to commence with a Secretariat for the Forum, to centralise the communications amongst the members, to take the lead on co-ordinating communications, developing the training and education programs for the members, and driving the regional development of a co-investment platform for members to participate in.

The PIIF Secretariat is The Cook Islands National Superannuation Fund CEO Mr. Damien Beddoes.